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Swinton Travel Insurance Cashback & Offers

Up to £12.80 cashback

Swinton Travel Insurance Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£12.80 cashback

for genuine new customer annual policies

£5.20 cashback

for genuine new customer single trip policies

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More about Swinton Travel Insurance

 If you don’t have travel insurance, you may have to pay to resolve an issue while you are away or cancel your trip without being able to get your money back, which can be costly. 
 What types of travel insurance policies are there? 
 Swinton offers insurance for single trips and an annual policy covering you for several trips. 
 Single trip 
 Cover for one trip of up to 365 nights (depending on your age and destination), great for if you’re planning a one-off holiday. This policy includes: 
 No age limit — Customers of any age can be covered with Swinton’s Single-Trip Travel Insurance.
 Cruise cover — Coverage for baggage, valuables, and personal liability when on a cruise, all come as standard.
 Sports cover — Coverage for a wide range of sports, such as kayaking and wakeboarding, while on holiday is included as standard. 
 24/7 emergency claims line — If you need urgent assistance, you can contact us any time.
 Pre-existing medical conditions — Our single-trip option can offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions (subject to terms which will be confirmed when you take out your policy).
 Annual Multi-trip 
 Covers for several trips over 12 months, including: 
 • High upper age policy — Customers up to the age of 85 could be covered with our multi-trip policy.
 • 12 months of cover — You can specify which date you wish to start your policy. 
 • Automatic renewal — Your insurance policy will renew automatically (you can opt in or out of this). 
 • UK travel — Travel within the UK is included in our multi-trip policy, as long as you have at least two nights planned and have pre-booked accommodation.
 • No claims limit — You can make as many claims as required, up to your policy cover limits.
 • Cost-effective - This may be a cost-effective option if you plan on going on multiple trips within a year.
 Which countries are covered with Swinton Travel Insurance?
 Swinton Travel Insurance covers you for travel to all countries, apart from those which the Travel Advice Unit of the FCDO (or regulatory authority in a country to or from which you are travelling) has advised against visiting.