About Switchcraft

A great deal, forever. We automatically switch you so you’re always on a great plan. Our customers save up to £518, year after year.

Helpful Information

Shopping Switchcraft

Finding the best energy deal is hard.  Staying on one is harder.

Why? Because loyal customers get moved to a worse plan after their first year.

We think everyone deserves a fair deal.

That’s why we launched Switchcraft – the UK’s first true ‘auto switching’ service.

Since 2016, we’ve helped thousands of busy people stay on the best energy deal – saving them up to £580, year after year.

You see, at Switchcraft, we believe in rewarding loyalty.

No surprise our customers rate us 4.5 out of 5 on Feefo.


Why join Switchcraft?

When you sign up to Switchcraft, we promise to save you money on your energy bills.

We’ll also save you time for better things - and keep you in control at every step.

Save Money

We switch you whenever there’s a better energy deal.

So, you keep saving, year after year.

Save Time

Staying on the best energy deal takes time and effort.

It’s also really boring.

The good news is, we do everything for you – giving you

more time for things you enjoy.

Stay in Control

We use technology to put you in control all the way.

From switch alerts to one click cancelling, you’re always the boss.