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Tempcover Cashback & Offers

Up to £20 cashback

Tempcover Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£20 cashback

for a 28-day policy

£12 cashback

for a 15 to 27-day policy

£8 cashback

for a 1 to 14-day policy

£4 cashback

Hourly policy

Last updated

More about Tempcover

Temporary insurance from Tempcover is the ideal insurance option for drivers looking for cover in those everyday moments when all you need is a few days or weeks insurance.

Whether you need to borrow a car or van for a day or two, want to test drive a new vehicle before buying or even drive away a new set of wheels without having to arrange annual cover, Tempcover is here to help.

Cover is available from as little as 1-28 days and takes just 90 seconds. Avoid the hassle and expense of adjusting an annual policy and get instant cover whenever and wherever you are. For comprehensive cover, it could be the perfect way to save time and money on the cover you need.

With Tempcover, you get exclusive discounts on 1-28 days cover with a guaranteed saving of £5 on hourly policies, £10 on 1-14 day policies, £15 on 15-27 day policies and £25 on 28 day policies.