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The Bike Insurer Cashback & Offers

£20 cashback

The Bike Insurer Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£20 cashback

for a new valid insurance policy purchase

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More about The Bike Insurer

The Bike Insurer is a quote comparison website for those who need to insure two wheels rather than four. It doesn’t matter if it’s a moped, scooter, or motorbike, if you need the best quote in the United Kingdom, you’ll find it here. Even better, quad bikes also count.

The Bike Insurer is no longer the only site of its kind, but it was the first in the UK. It’s been providing Brits with the best deals since 2006.

The Bike Insurer quote

The company gathers up quotes from 42 insurers to find you the best deal. Type in some of your details, and the algorithm does all the legwork for you. It brings together brokers from all the major agencies, and a few you wouldn’t have heard of yet.

What they all have in common is that they understand your specialised needs and tailor their policies accordingly. By including so many competitors on their panel, The Bike Insurer safeguards that everyone remains competitive.

They go a step further, however. Unlike other comparison sites, The Bike Insurer carefully vets the brokers it works alongside. The company built a sterling reputation by matching clients with reliable, affordable options and won’t risk that by working with fly-by-night insurers.

Choose the level of cover that suits you and get your quotes within minutes. You save yourself hours of research and get the results in any format you prefer. View them onscreen, by email, or by SMS.

The Bike Insurer multi-bike

You can insure all of your bikes under one policy and get a multi-bike discount. The amount varies according to the company, but all firms reward owners for sticking to one brand.

Short-term insurance

Maybe you’re taking a friend’s Harley for a spin. Perhaps you only need cover while you’re on holiday. Whatever the reason is, you don’t want to lock yourself into a long-term contract. Many insurers provide pay-as-you-go policies for that very reason.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive cover is the most expensive option, but it affords you the best protection. If you’re in an accident, full cover helps repair damage to your motorbike and the other person’s vehicle.

Third-Party, fire, and theft

This type is more affordable. If you’re in an accident, you pay for your repairs. If you cause damage to the other vehicle, the insurance covers the cost. If someone steals your bike, or it is somehow destroyed, you get the book value for it.

Laid-up motorcycle insurance

If you store your bike for the winter, there’s little point in paying a premium for complete cover. You’re not likely to be involved in an accident, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Laid-up cover allows you to get some peace of mind without paying a fortune.

Get your The Bike Insurer cashback

Would you like an even better deal? We can’t beat the quotes that you’ll get on the website, but we can give you cashback for taking the insurance. Click through by hitting the ‘Get cashback’ button to choose the best quote and insure your bike. Once it’s processed, we will put your cashback straight into your Quidco account.