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The Bottle Club

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Last updated Jan. 16, 2023




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Shopping The Bottle Club

The Bottle Club Cashback
Starting as the Wine Mill in 2014, they saw a need to rebrand after expanding their inventory beyond wines. In 2018, the company changed its name to The Bottle Club, serving as a connoisseur of the best alcoholic beverages worldwide and bringing the fruits of their refined taste directly to its customers.

The Bottle Club is an award-winning retailer specializing in providing only the best wines and spirits to the public. From classic vintages to the latest liquors, The Bottle Club carries drinks of all shapes, sizes, brands, and flavours. 

The Bottle Club voucher codes

The Bottle Club offers several valuable discount codes to its customers, allowing them to save up to 5% percent on select purchases. Get special deals on popular drinks such as Gordon’s Pink Gin, Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, AU Vodka Blue Raspberry, and much more.  

The Bottle Club student discount

In addition to its normal voucher codes, The Bottle Club offers a 10% student discount through Student Beans. To qualify for the deal, you must first be over 18. Then create a Student Bean account and have your status as a student verified through their system. Verification simply requires you to select your university from a list and then enter your school-provided email address.

From there, just click The Bottle Club’s offer on the Student Bean website and fill your cart with your favourite, applicable drinks.

The Bottle Club red velvet baileys

The world's most popular Irish cream brand brings The Bottle Club customer another delectable treat. For a limited time, you can enjoy a Baileys Red Velvet Irish Cream Liqueur, which masterfully combines the decadent, chocolatey taste of a red velvet cupcake with the rich flavours of Irish cream. 

The liquid inside the bottle is a bright, vivid red, its sweet smell making it seem like it came from a bakery instead of a brewery. The taste carries hints of whiskey, but the alcoholic flavour is muted behind the sugary notes of cream cheese icing and cocoa powder.  

Purchase this sweet treat from The Bottle Club and either enjoy it over ice or mixed into your favourite adult pastries.

The Bottle Club hand sanitiser

With the Covid-19 pandemic still being a major health risk to citizens, The Bottle Club has decided to do its part to help people stay healthy. Along with their usual inventory, they’ve also decided to start carrying several varieties of hand sanitiser. From 55ml to 400ml bottles, The Bottle Club has you covered. 

Additionally, The Bottle Club offers a free bottle of sanitiser on any order above £50.

Get The Bottle Club cashback

Using Quidco, it’s possible to get a cashback bonus on every purchase you make from The Bottle Club website. Simply log into your Quidco account and click on the “get cashback” button at the top of the page. You’ll be directed to their online store to shop as usual. Once you’re done with your purchase, we’ll track and add your cashback savings to your Quidco account.