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Last updated Sep. 29, 2021
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    The thinkmoney Current Account budgets for your bills and helps you pay them on time, every time.

    Think of it as two jars: money for your bills goes in one, spending money in another. No hassle, no worries. It’s banking made easy. The thinkmoney Current Account is here to help you stay on top of your finances. Use it just like any other current account, safe in the knowledge that money for your bills is fenced off so you can’t accidentally spend it.

    There’s nothing complicated about it; you pay in your income, we keep money for your bills aside, the rest is yours to spend. And this simple formula has helped thousands of people pay their bills on time and improve their credit rating.

    Plus, we won’t charge you if you go overdrawn or you miss a direct debit, and we won’t run a credit check when you apply. Say hello to helpful banking. Ready? Let’s go.