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More about Thriva

Pick your blood tests
Choose what tests you'd like to add to your package and how often you'd like to test.

Do your test
Pick whether you’d like to do your test at home or visit a clinic and have a nurse do it for you.

Get results in 48 hours
You'll get GP-reviewed results and personalised recommendations to improve or maintain your results.

Prevention is better than a cure
With up to 80% of chronic diseases being preventable, much of our health is in our control.

Powered by science
With a team of qualified experts, the latest research, and the power of technology, we’re here to guide you on your health journey.

Better health in your hands
By understanding your body and what works for you, you can be in control of your health.

Even with regular check-ups to manage genetically high cholesterol, co-founder Eliot still felt in the dark about his health. From trying to understand and access test results to what foods he should eat more or less of, everything was a challenge. We knew people must be experiencing similar issues — we started Thriva to change this.

We want to make it possible for everyone to have more time to do what they love. Whether your dream is to run a marathon or have more energy for your family, we’re here to help.

Data protection
Your data is extremely personal and private to you. We use the latest encryption technologies and take our Data Protection obligations seriously.

Our view on healthcare
Health isn’t just being well or sick, there’s a lot in between. We want to make it possible for everyone to be in control of their health.

Labs and accuracy
Our labs are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our testing kits our CE-marked.