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TJC - The Jewellery Channel Cashback & Offers

Up to 9.97% cashback

TJC - The Jewellery Channel Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates


9.97% cashback

for all purchases of over £10,000.00


7.98% cashback

for all purchases of £9,999.99 or less

Last updated

More about TJC - The Jewellery Channel

The Jewellery Channel is an expansive online marketplace that features over 40,000 items. They offer a variety of items through their online stores such as earrings, diamonds, jewellery, rings, necklaces, home goods, beauty products, and fashion.

The Jewellery Channel sells their products through their website, app, and live TV stations. They have been around since 2006 and have one of the most popular TV shopping networks in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their website and online shopping channel boast a huge variety of products and styles to appeal to anyone looking for jewellery.

TJC is the shortened version of The Jewellery Channel. The Jewellery Channel shares its name with the TV network on which they sell their products and has become a recognizable brand in the United Kingdom.

Vaibhav Global is the owner of The Jewellery Channel and is a part of their company group. TJC’s headquarters is based in Feltham, West London. TJC is also associated with the British Jewellers’ Association, the Jewelers Board of Trade, the Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association, and the International Colored Gemstone Association.

TJC prices

TJC can price their product at such competitive prices due to the quantity of company purchases. These affordable prices also relate to the size of their network. Due to TJC having one of the largest jewellery shopping networks on TV and online, they can source their products at much lower prices than their competitors.

Their prices are also low due to the quantities of sale. Vaibhav Global’s ownership is another boon to pricing, as it provides more connections to source the products they sell globally to their consumers.

TJC personal shopper service

The personal shopper service from TJC allows you to make informed choices on everything you buy. This 24/7 service is based in the UK and available via chat or by phone with a real live human to get more information or help with choosing what is right for you.

This service is crucial, as you may need extra clarification on specific products you are considering. It is also a unique service worth taking advantage of if you have any questions about what you are looking at on their online store.

Get TJC cashback

There are a variety of different cashback offers for TJC available through Quidco. These cashback offers range from 4-5% and vary depending on the price of your order.

If your purchase happens to be over £10,000, you are eligible for 5% cashback on your entire purchase. 

For all purchases under £9,999.99, you are eligible for 4% cashback on your entire order. 

Getting cashback from your TJC order requires only a few simple steps. First, click on the ‘Get Cashback’ button on Quidco. You will then be redirected to the TJC website, where you can browse over 40,000 products in their online store.

Once you make a valid purchase, Quidco will track your order and apply the cashback to your account when it is confirmed.