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Shopping TomTom

TomTom N.V., founded in 1991, is a Dutch technology and consumer electronics company. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, with approximately 4,500 employees worldwide in over 37 countries.

The company released its first-generation satellite navigation devices in 2004. Millions depend on TomTom for navigation, route comprehension, and traffic knowledge when travelling.

TomTom also creates GPS navigation devices and software, Sports Watches, Action Cameras, digital maps, fleet management solutions, and more. TomTom replaced Google Maps in Apple's iOS 6 release and provides maps to Uber across 300 cities worldwide.

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TomTom home

TomTom Home is Tomtom.com’s official update tool. It has several useful features, such as easy-install for new maps and services, wireless data connection services, device restoration and backup, and free traffic alerts.

TomTom – how to update

To update your TomTom, install the MyDrive Connect application on your PC or Mac.

This free support application offers the latest software updates, renewal procedures, and maps and helps manage content and services on the TomTom navigation device. For the best driving experience, ensure you have installed the latest version of MyDrive Connect and update weekly.

TomTom – how to reset

If your TomTom has frozen, you may need to reset it to factory settings.

Charge your TomTom for at least two hours, then press the on/off button for 30 seconds until you hear the drum roll. A ‘soft reset’ won’t lose your stored data, so all you’ll need to do is reset the time. For a ‘hard reset’ that returns your device to factory settings, locate the menu button that shows the navigation, go to 'Settings,' and then click 'System.'

You'll find the option to 'Reset.' The device will ask twice if you want to return your device to its factory settings. Once confirmed, the system will begin the reset, and when complete, all settings will be deleted.

Set your desired language, log in to TomTom MyDrive, and once again access your favourite locations.

TomTom route planner

To utilize the fastest routes and easily sync your favourite locations, you’ll need the TomTom route planner on MyDrive. This service helps plan your route from start to finish and includes multi-route planning for easy navigation.

TomTom start 52

TomTom START 52 offers essential navigation and includes free lifetime map updates. Find destinations quickly from the search menu or by touching a location on the map.

Advanced Lane Guidance also helps the driver prepare for intersections and exits by clearly highlighting the correct driving lane for planned routes.

TomTom watch

TomTom also offers TomTom Watches, GPS Running Watches that are the ideal training partner.

These devices give you real-time information, like Time, Speed, Distance, and Pace, to improve your running and deliver greater overall fitness and performance.

TomTom app

The TomTom app currently costs £28. If you have a previous Android version, you can upgrade using an in-app purchase of 50p, which includes a three-year subscription to the Google Play Store.

Users have rated the app as excellent for travellers who can't guarantee a data connection for map data but still want premium turn-by-turn navigation.

Get TomTom cashback

Head to the top of this page and click on the link ‘Get Cashback,’ which will direct you to the TomTom website, where you can complete your purchase as usual.

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