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TSB Spend & Save Current Account Cashback & Offers

£30 cashback

TSB Spend & Save Current Account Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Open TSB’s Spend & Save account with a £200 Switch & Stay reward

+ £30 Cashback

Online cashback rates


£30 cashback

for opening a Spend & Save Current Account plus get £200 to switch your current account and stay. £125 to switch to TSB by 24/03/23 (log into online banking, make a card payment and set up 2 Direct Debits). £75 to stay (make 5 card payments and pay in £500/month plus 2 Direct Debits until 30/09/23). T&Cs apply.

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More about TSB Spend & Save Current Account

Open TSB’s new Spend & Save account, with lots of helpful features you can activate:

  • Savings Pots – helping you put money aside for the things that really matter; set and track your saving goals
  • Save the Pennies – a simple way to make your small change build up into useful savings
  • Auto Balancer – lets you choose a minimum balance limit, making it less likely to slip into an overdraft

UK residents only, 18+


TSB Bank is owned by Banco Sabadell, a Spanish banking group based out of Alicante, Spain. It is the fifth-largest Spanish banking group and owns many other international banks, brands, and subsidiaries.

TSB mortgage deals make moving easier than ever

Whether you’re moving up or moving out, TSB knows getting a mortgage is likely not your only headache when it comes to purchasing. They make navigating the lending process simple, with mortgage advisors to talk you through the best TSB offers and TSB deals that are right for you and your financial situation. 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, TSB has the resources to help. Get started with their TSB sales today.

How much can I borrow at TSB?

How much you’re allowed to borrow will depend on several factors that bankers monitor when issuing loans, such as the number of dependents, your annual income, your debt commitments, and other personal history details. 

If you’re interested in applying for one of the TSB bank loans, you can visit their site and use their handy TSB mortgage calculator. While it might vary from the exact TSB bank loan amount, it can give you an idea of how much you would qualify for. 

Where is the TSB head office?

TSB headquarters are in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the head office located in the New Town part of Edinburgh. However, TSB also includes dozens of other branches throughout Scotland, England, and Wales. 

If there still isn’t a TSB office that’s convenient for you to do your TSB business, you can also use the TSB banking app or TSB Internet Banking to get help 24/7 for your banking needs. 

You can also deposit and withdraw money from your TSB account at any of the 11,500 post offices around the United Kingdom. More information on this can be found on the TSB website.

How long does it take for a cheque to clear at TSB?

This will vary slightly depending on where you deposit the cheque. If you deposit your cheque through a TSB branch location, your cheque will clear within two days. For example, if you deposit your cheque by closing time on Monday, it will be in your account by midnight on Tuesday. 

Deposit cash machines outside of TSB branches and post offices will potentially take an extra day.

Get TSB cashback

If you’re looking for the best TSB deals on a TSB credit card or mortgage, you don’t have to simply wait for a TSB offer. Quidco is here to help consumers score TSB cashback and maximise their financial savings when banking. 

To participate, scroll to the top of the page and click ‘Get cashback' under the cashback links section of the page. This will navigate you to the TSB internet banking homepage, where you can go about your TSB business as you usually would.

Once your order has been tracked and processed by Quidco, your TSB cashback rewards will be deposited directly back into your Quidco account for future shopping.