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More about TTfone

With today's fast paced lifestyle we are all expected to get used to the latest and greatest technology. The guys here at TTfone decided to take it in the opposite direction and bring technology back to the start, making things simple and easy to use. TTfone’s range of mobile phones have some common features like large buttons, clear large displays, some models offer a monochrome display which is much easier to see that the conventional LCD screens in modern phones. They also have Loud volume so are great for anyone with hearing difficulties. Is smartphone too smart? Then we here at TTfone will have a model for you.

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Some commonly asked questions about our phones

The appearance is simple, but is it easy to use?
Absolutely! With our intuitive layout, it takes no time at all to learn where things are, and the menus are laid out so that there isn’t a lot of clicking and searching for what you need.

Who are these phones made for?
Everyone! Anyone can benefit from our simple and functional phones. The large buttons, audio feedback, and simple features are especially helpful for small children just learning to use a phone, people with visual or motor impairments, and the elderly.

What is the SOS button on the back?
It’s a button that can be programmed to call whichever number or numbers you choose so that everyone you want to be notified in case of emergency gets a phone call. The people on the other end of the line then can hear everything going on. It also activates a loud alarm to draw attention from bystanders so they can assist until help arrives. The SOS button will also send out emergency text messages to inform others of a problem.

Is there a way to lock the keypad?
The keypad is easily locked by using the switch located on the side of the phone. or in the case of the Flip models by simply closing the flip.
Can I listen to the FM radio without headphones?
Of course! The radio can be broadcast through the phone’s speakers at sufficient volumes for everyone to enjoy!

Does the phone have to be on in order to use the flashlight?
Not at all! We know it is important to be able to use the flashlight regardless of whether the phone is on or not so we have designed the light to work without drawing power from the phone’s battery. You can turn it on with a button on the side of the phone.

How long is the life of the phone’s battery without recharging?
The battery life of the TTfone range is listed on the specs page, you will find they last much longer than normal mobile phones because they are so simple they do not draw as much battery power.

Why are there pictures on the * and # buttons?
Those buttons will automatically dial phone numbers which have been pre-assigned to them. The picture serves as a visual aid for people who forget phone numbers easily, are easily confused, or just have too many phone numbers to remember them all.

Is this phone considered safe?
Our phones have met all the necessary requirements established by the UK, and it has been determined that our mobile phones have less radiation than other mobile phones.

Will this phone be loud enough?
All of our phones are capable of very loud volumes both in ringing and voice

Can this phone be hands free?
Absolutely! All you need to do to enter hands-free mode is hold down the “0” key. Using this feature is helpful when driving, cooking, caring for children, or performing any other activity where your hands are not readily available. It is also helpful when you are trying to involve more people on your end of the conversation.

What is featured on the phone screen when not in use?
The date and time are shown when the phone is not being used, and if you press any button a backlight is activated so it can be seen even in poor lighting. This light will turn off after ten seconds in order to save battery life.

How many phone numbers can the phonebook hold?
Each model is different see the specs page. The contacts feature will hold at least 50 different entries on the phone’s internal memory. More numbers can be stored on the SIM card if necessary.

What comes with the phone?
The phone comes packaged with a user manual (in addition to the manuals and how-to videos on our website), a battery, charger, and a wired headset. Some of our models come with a desktop charger also.

Where can I buy your phones?
Our phones are only offered by our partners, all of whom are listed on our page entitled “Retailers” The phone can then be shipped to any city in the world.

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