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U Account Cashback & Offers

£8 cashback

U Account Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£8 cashback

for a new opened account (purchases need to be fully completed online via Android or iOS)

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More about U Account

U Account helps you put your finances back in your hands. With a fully accessible and fair digital service, you can access your money whenever, and wherever.

Open an account in just a few minutes and join the thousands of other people who use U Money.


PAYG - If you don’t need to make payments from your account or don’t visit the cash machine often, go for our PAYG plan and just pay for the services you need, when you need them.

TEN - For people who use their U Account as their main account, the £10 per month plan makes perfect sense. One, low monthly fee for inclusive banking.

With the U Money app, we make it simple to send and receive money from your phone. Get your salary or benefits paid directly into your account. Set up Direct Debits and standing orders to make bill paying a breeze. Withdraw cash from ATMs all around the world. Pay money into your account by bank transfer, or by paying in cash at any PayPoint location.

UK residents only, 18+.