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Last updated Jul. 14, 2023
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    Virgin Mobile deals and contracts

    Whether you're a newbie or a longtime follower, the Virgin Mobile experience is here to capture the imagination and fuel your excitement. Great Virgin Mobile deals are not just a possibility, but a given. 

    Take our Data Rollover deal, for example. Your unused data from last month? It carries over into this month. We also make available a Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go system, which allows customers freedom from inconsistent data plans that change from place to place. As if that wasn't enough, Quidco's Virgin Mobile cashback promo offers you a way to earn out of every purchase.

    Buy yourself a Virgin Mobile phone, download the Virgin Mobile app, get a Virgin Mobile upgrade, and take advantage of all the best Virgin Mobile offers you can find on our website. We guarantee you that this is only the beginning of better things yet to come.

    Who does Virgin Mobile use?

    Virgin Mobile uses the EE mobile network infrastructure to power all three network types it is currently using: 2G, 3G, and 4G. The period from 2021 to 2026 will see Virgin Mobile shifting to using the Vodafone network in a bid to take advantage of the growing potential of 5G. 

    Which network Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile phone coverage extends to three main network types: 4G, 3G, and 2G. While 4G and 2G are both in 99% of coverage areas, 3G is in 98% of coverage areas. Plans are underway to move into 5G when Virgin Mobile begins to shift from EE into the Vodafone network in 2021.

    In terms of EE frequencies, Virgin Mobile Plans take advantage of three frequency types: 1800 MHZ for 2G and 4G, 2100 MHZ for 3G and 4G, and 2600 MHZ for 4G. 

    Get Virgin Mobile cashback 

    The fun interactions never end with Virgin Mobile! Virgin Mobile cashback is a promotion created in partnership with Quidco. Customers who purchase items through affiliate links on Quidco receive a commission in the form of cashback. 

    After creating a Quidco account, customers need to click on the 'Get cashback' button at the top of this page. After doing so, a link will open to the Virgin Mobile website, where customers can browse and find items of interest. After making a confirmed purchase, we will track the transaction and generate cashback you will receive on your Quidco account, which you can use to get great deals. 

    Who owns Virgin Mobile?

    Virgin Mobile UK, also known as Mobile from Virgin Media, is owned by Virgin Media, a British Telecommunications Company recognized as the United Kingdom's sole cable provider. 

    Virgin Media was founded in 2006 when the companies of NTL and Telewest merged into the NTL Telewest company, which was soon after rebranded as Virgin Media. 

    Under their leadership, Virgin Mobile sales have never looked higher and are only bound to get better for the near future.