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Vodafone PAYG Mobile Cashback & Offers

Up to £16 cashback

Vodafone PAYG Mobile Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Get a Pay as you go SIM deal packed with data, plus unlimited minutes and texts

+ Up to £16 Cashback

Online cashback rates

£16 cashback

for a £40-£50 SIM purchase

£12 cashback

for a £30 SIM purchase

£8 cashback

for a £20 SIM purchase

£6 cashback

for a £15 SIM purchase

£4 cashback

for a £10 SIM purchase

£4 cashback

for a free SIM purchase

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More about Vodafone PAYG Mobile

About Vodafone  

We’re Vodafone - the UK’s reliable, award-winning network that keeps you connected to the things and people that matter. Use our growing 5G network, powered by 100% renewable electricity, for faster speeds and lower latency, to do what you love without the delay. With a range of Pay as you go bundles to choose from, packed with data, plus unlimited texts and minutes, there’s a SIM plan and handset for everyone. 

How our Pay as you go bundles work 

Vodafone’s 30-day Pay as you go bundles let you come and go as you please – no contracts or credit checks required. Your plan will only renew if you want it to, giving you the perks of a Vodafone SIM without the pressure of a contract. We currently offer a range of Vodafone Pay as you go plans: 

  • 7GB data for £10 a month 
  • 20GB data for £15 a month 
  • 40GB data for £20 a month 
  • 100GB data for £30 a month 


Purchase a bundle now, and you’ll be eligible to receive 3x more data for three months, by texting WINTERPROMO to 49500 to opt-in to the promotion. Offer ends 31 January 2023. Terms apply.   

If you’re not sure which bundle is right for you, you can order a free SIM and choose a bundle that suits you anytime. Alternatively, you can use TOBi, Vodafone’s friendly digital assistant to help you decide. Here’s how our Pay as you go bundles work:  


1.     Activate – Just insert your SIM in your phone and switch it on – your bundle will now be activated and ready to use.  

2.     Use – Scroll, call, and share for the next 30 days. If you use your allowances before your renewal date, you’ll. Pay out-of-bundle rates, but you can always buy extras to avoid this. 

3.     Top up – You’ll need enough credit on your account for your bundle to auto-renew – we’ll send you a renewal reminder each month so you don’t forget, 

4.      Renew – If you have enough credit, your bundle will auto-renew and any unused data will roll over into the next 30 days. If not, just top up within seven days to renew your bundle. If you don’t renew, you’ll start paying our Pay as you go 1 rates. 


Why Vodafone? 

Every Vodafone SIM comes with access to plenty of perks, automatically available to you. These benefits include: 

  • Total Rollover – allowing any of your unused data to roll into the next 30 days 
  • VeryMe Rewards – Vodafone’s loyalty programme, with weekly giveaways, treats, and discounts built around what you love. 
  • Data roaming – Use your data, minutes, and texts in 51 countries as you would at home, completely free of charge. 
  • Transfer your number – If you’re joining us from another network, or switching from Pay monthly to Pay as you go, it’s easy to keep your existing number 
  • Extras – It’s easy to add more minutes, texts, and data to your Pay as you go plan, just visit our extras page.  
  • No credit checks – Credit checks aren’t required for any of our Pay as you go plans, so you’ll always get a SIM. 

Need a new phone to use with your SIM?  

You can also purchase a range of selected Pay as you go phones with Vodafone to use along with your bundle. With a variety of great devices available to suit your budget, it’s a great time to get connected with Vodafone.