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About Vrbo

Vrbo offers holiday rentals to guests who want accommodation options beyond a standard hotel from beach front condos to countryside hideaways and city apartments.

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2% cashback
for traveller bookings
2% cashback
for traveller bookings
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2% cashback

Book a holiday rental that suits your style

View terms > | Expires in 5 days
View terms > Expires in 5 days



2% cashback

for traveller bookings

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2% cashback

Book a holiday rental that suits your style

View terms > | Expires in 5 days
View terms > Expires in 5 days

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Helpful Information

Shopping Vrbo

Vrbo Cashback

Vrbo was founded in 1995 in Colorado, aiming to pair homeowners with holidaymakers looking for places to stay.

Originally going by the name Vacation Rentals By Owner, the company has now grown into a trusted brand that lists over two million properties from all corners of the world. 

Vrbo helps its customers find beach houses, cottages, and apartments across the globe to give them a unique and authentic holiday experience wherever they go.

Holidaymakers that want something different to a hotel, or have specific requirements of where they want to stay, often choose Vrbo as their go-to accommodation provider.

Why shop with Vrbo?

Shopping with Vrbo will mean you don't just stay in a beautiful property when you go away, but can receive cashback when you shop. With Quidco, you can earn 2% on traveller bookings.

Top homes at Vrbo


One of the most popular selections on Vrbo are houses. As Vrbo specialises in family holiday accommodation in private properties, houses are often a favoured choice, as hotels and bed and breakfasts can’t accommodate large groups in the same way.

Vrbo holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes, and it is easy to filter properties based on how many rooms you need, and whether you are looking for any luxury amenities, such as a swimming pool or hot tub.

Cabins and lodges

Vrbo holiday rentals come in a variety of forms, and another one of their most popular property types is cabins and lodges.

Those looking to get closer to nature, or stay somewhere that feels far away from everyday life, can choose to stay in a log cabin or remote lodge.  


For those looking for a truly unique getaway, Vrbo has a dedicated section of seaworthy vessels that are available to stay in, for the more adventurous traveller.

From barges to yachts, there are a wide range of boat rentals to suit any budget. Many of these boats are moored in desirable locations, meaning you not only enjoy the quirky accommodation, but can experience the area it’s situated in too.


Vrbo cottages are one of the most idyllic ways to spend a weekend in the UK or abroad. There are hundreds of quaint cottages in villages, towns and throughout the countryside, and staying in one is a great way to experience a country's less explored areas.

Because you are not bound by where a hotel is, Vrbo holidays give you the ultimate freedom, allowing you to stay in an area that most tourists would not usually get to visit.

5 ways to make the most of your cashback

Take your pet away

Who doesn’t like going away with their furry friend? Vrbo is pet friendly and has a huge selection of properties available that allow dogs and other pets to stay.

They conveniently allow users to filter suitable, pet friendly properties from other results, making searching for a Vrbo holiday rental with your four-legged companion an easy task.

Go for a dip

Take a look at the selection of properties that Vrbo has with a pool or hot tub. When many people are going on holiday, a swim in the sun is the first thing on their minds, and Vrbo makes it easy to make sure your accommodation has somewhere for you to make a splash.

For those looking to go away to the White Isle, many of Vrbo’s Ibiza properties have pools, perfect for a refreshing dip to reinvigorate yourself after a hot day.

Visit the coast

Vrbo lets you filter properties that are close to the beach, so for those that think being close to the coast is an absolute necessity, their website is a dream when searching for somewhere to stay.

Vrbo beach houses come with a variety of different options, so you can not only choose how close to the beach you want to be, but can also decide what other amenities you require in your property.

Vrbo makes it simple to choose the perfect accommodation for any trip.

Book risk free

If you’re not 100% sure about going away, Vrbo features many homes that have a free cancellation policy up to a certain date.

This takes the risk out of booking, meaning you can reserve your property and work out the details at a later date. Booking risk free gives you the freedom and flexibility to book somewhere you may not normally experience, and means you can rest easy when booking a holiday.

Make the most of the outdoors

Vrbo allows you to book a property with guaranteed outdoor space. Outdoor space is yet another filter that you can use when searching for a property on Vrbo, and makes it even easier to find the ideal place to stay.

Even when staying in the UK, Vrbo can provide many properties that not only have outdoor space, but that have covered areas, so you can enjoy the fresh air, whatever the weather. 

Vrbo FAQs

Cancellation policies

Vrbo’s cancellation policies vary from property to property. The most up to date information can be found by reading the individual listing’s cancellation policy before you book.

Cancellation refunds 

When a guest cancels their booking through their traveller account, they'll automatically receive a refund based on the cancellation policy set up within the Rules & Policies section of the account.