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Watchfinder & Co Cashback & Offers

Up to 3.2% cashback

Watchfinder & Co Cashback & Offers

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3.2% cashback

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More about Watchfinder & Co

Since Watchfinder & Co. was first founded in 2002, it has been established as the premier resource from which to buy and sell premium pre-owned watches. With thousands of watches available from more than 50 brands, including Rolex, Omega, Cartier and more, plus international locations and a manufacturer certified service centre, there’s no better place to find a luxury timepiece.

Decades Of Experience
With the knowledge gained from decades of experience with pre-owned watches, there’s nowhere else as well qualified as Watchfinder to purchase your next premium pre-owned timepiece from. Let us help you find the watch that’s just right for you.

Spend Less
With Watchfinder’s pre-owned collection, not only can you spend less, you can reap from your investments, too. A pre-owned watch doesn’t have the sting of showroom depreciation, and can even increase in value over the years.

Service Centre
No other pre-owned watch retailer can boast its own fully-fledged service centre, accredited by many of the world’s best watch manufacturers. Before being sold, every Watchfinder watch receives a rigorous inspection at this facility.

14-Day Returns
Buying a pre-owned watch online couldn’t be any easier than this. With 14 days to change your mind, you can be sure you’ll love your next watch — but if you don’t, you can send it straight back for a full refund.