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Getting an appointment with your GP can be lengthy and time-consuming. The average patient in the UK has to wait at least 15 days before they can speak to a GP and a further 4 - 8 weeks if a consultation is required. But getting access to quick and affordable healthcare does not have to be this complicated.

That's why we created Welzo. We offer instant online consultations, giving you access to treatment and testing from the comfort of your home within minutes. This is the future of healthcare, no more waiting rooms. We offer personalised testing and medication instantly online and delivered the next day to your house.

When setting up Welzo's diagnostic and home health test ranges, we realised the demand for online pharmacy services. That is why we have selected a range of GPhC-regulated and trusted pharmacies to work with Welzo, helping to provide authorised and regulated medication, supplements and over-the-counter items to our customers. In addition, by connecting our customers with some of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK, we offer instant access to over 15,000 different pharmacy lines and quick and easy collection points for medication across the UK.