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Wild Thought Cashback & Offers

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Wild Thought Cashback & Offers

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7.2% cashback

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More about Wild Thought

We have always chosen natural, chemical free products, whenever possible, for all the family, including Alfie our Jack Russell. Whilst natural, eco friendly products have been more readily available for the human family, finding similar stuff for Alfie often proves to be more of a challenge.

Over the last three years since Alfie came into our life, we have learnt a lot though hard work and research. Through Wild Thought we hope to share our knowledge and take out the hard work for you.

We've found knowing what is eco and why, can often be confusing. Which is why we share our research with you. We are always transparent about the reasons for choosing a product and why they help reduce paw prints.

The descriptions will clearly let you know about the eco merits of each product, for example, if they are organic, naturally sourced, biodegradable, why they reduce emission or if they are sustainable. The descriptions, of course, also clearly let you know why the products are beneficial to your dog.

Our aim is simple, we will only stock excellent, eco friendly products. We will always give you all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision about what is right for your dog, you, your family and our planet.

And we'll keep looking out for new and better things...

Wild Thought.... always thinking about the wild.