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Wowcher Cashback

Save money whilst shopping with Wowcher cashback! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
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Last updated Mar. 19, 2024



22% cashback

for all competition ticket purchases



22% cashback

for all competition ticket purchases


9.9% cashback

for new customer purchases of £120.01 or more


8.8% cashback

for new customer purchases between £80.01 - £120


7.7% cashback

for new customer purchases up to £80


3.3% cashback

for existing customer purchases of £120.01 or more


2.2% cashback

for existing customer purchases between £80.01 - £120


1.1% cashback

for existing customer purchases up to £80

When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
  • Tracked in
    <Less than 24 hours
  • Pays within
    5 months

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback can be earned by clicking the "Get cashback" button and purchasing as you normally would.
  • Cashback will only be confirmed where the purchase is genuine, tracked, done immediately and completed online (on the same device).
  • Cashback may not be tracked if you purchase using the merchant app (if applicable), some merchants may automatically re-direct you to their mobile app.
  • Make sure you have enabled cookie-tracking and do not have an ad-blocker on your browser.
  • Only use promotional codes/voucher codes from Quidco, using alternatives may decline your cashback.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation.


  • Don’t apply an additional discount that reduces your overall purchase price, this may cause your cashback to be declined or reduced. e.g Voucher codes, student discount, staff discount
  • Don’t pay for your purchase using a Gift Card
  • Don’t purchase a Gift card OR Gift vouchers
  • Don’t complete your purchase over the phone, purchases need to be fully completed online 
  • Don’t participate in any other offer/promotion that is not covered in the retailers cashback rates
  • Don’t resell as cashback is not available to resellers (a person or company that purchases from a retailer with the intention of selling the item back on)
  • Don't use Wowcher Rewards as cashback will be declined

Helpful Information

Shopping Wowcher

Why pay full price when you can enjoy the best things in life for less? Wowcher provides discount codes for buying holidays, furniture, accessories, and more at bargain prices. 

The platform is the U.K.’s second-largest deal-of-the-day site, and according to the average customer review, the site is reliable. The Wowcher site is accessible via computers and mobile devices. Alternatively, use the Wowcher app to find and grab the latest deals from businesses in your area. 

Wowcher garden furniture, homeware and more

The Wowcher home section has loads of discount offers from many of the U.K.’s leading home-improvement retailers. Spend less by using Wowcher beds, chairs, and kitchen offer codes to get the best interior décor products at bargain prices.

Wowcher garden furniture offers are also available for updating your yard. What about your kids? Check out Wowcher trampoline and toy discount codes.

Wowcher holidays and spa days

Most people avoid taking holidays because they can’t afford it. Wowcher getaways provide the perfect opportunity to take a trip without stressing over your bank account. Check out the latest Wowcher travel codes, and if you are worried about accommodation, Wowcher hotels will have you covered. 

In the mood for something closer to home? You will find hundreds of Wowcher spa and Wowcher weekend breaks up for grabs. Have fun, relax, and save money with Wowcher vouchers.

Wowcher — How to redeem

Wowchers are vouchers that you can use to save money on specific products or services. You can get Wowcher watches, Wowcher holidays, and more. The platform will send the voucher codes to your inbox. The email will contain instructions on how to use the voucher. 

If the voucher is for an online store, all you have to do is enter the code at the checkout page on the merchant site to get your discount.

Wowcher—How does it work?

Wowcher provides new discount offers every day, and customers receive vouchers in their inbox after unlocking deals. You must use Wowcher vouchers before they expire. 

If you like, you can redeem the deal listed on a voucher or use it for another deal on the Wowcher website. Alternatively, have the amount listed on the voucher credited into your Wowcher Wallet credit.

Where is Wowcher based?

Wowcher’s head office is in the U.K. At the moment, it has around 10 million active subscribers within the U.K. and Ireland.

Who owns Wowcher?

Nicholas Brummitt started Wowcher in 2009. DMG Media bought the platform in 2011, making it one of its subsidiaries.

What are Club Wowcher Points?

Club Wowcher points are rewards that you earn for completing specific actions on the Wowcher site. You can convert the points into spendable Wowcher Wallet credits. However, you can’t redeem points until you reach 5,000, which is worth £1 in credit. You can spend the credits at the Wowcher store.

Get Wowcher cashback

Get double savings by shopping with a Wowcher discount code and getting cashback. Get this and more with Quidco. All you have to do is click on the Wowcher Get Cashback link above. The link will take you to the Wowcher site where you can place orders as you usually would. 

Quidco will track your transaction and place your cashback in your Quidco account. Save and make money by shopping with Quidco today.