Zavetti Cashback & Offers

Up to 11.5% cashback

Zavetti Cashback & Offers

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If you use any voucher not advertised on Quidco, your purchase will not be eligible for cashback


10% off your first order with our code

+ 6% Cashback

Online cashback rates

11.5% cashback

for all other purchases

6.9% cashback

for purchases when a Quidco voucher code is used

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The only thing more important than your outfit - is living your life.

The spirit of Italy distilled into the modern wardrobe. A nation revered for its sophistication, ‘sprezzatura’ – the art of studied carelessness, spans it’s tailoring and sportswear. It’s where art and function come together to create something more than the sum of its parts – where perfection is in the interaction between garment and situation; in fading dyes, end-of-event creasing and unscheduled weather. It’s knowing your style holds up to whatever life throws at it.