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Business broadband illustration

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Why use Compare to get a business broadband deal?

With Compare, you’ll save as much money on your business broadband as you would on other comparison sites. Why use us instead? Well, we’ll also give you cashback. Real, hard money that we’ll send you once you’ve purchased your business internet.

Why invest in business broadband?

Own a business and not sure whether to get business broadband over residential broadband? If you need better internet speeds, reliability and security, a business internet connection could be the option for you.

Business broadband deals usually offer significantly faster speeds than residential options, making it easier for you or your colleagues to upload content to the web and use other features such as video calls. Your speeds will also be prioritised over residential broadband users in the surrounding area.

The customer service you get with business broadband goes far and above that of residential. As a businessperson, you know that if your Wi-Fi goes down for a period of time that can cost money. Business broadband providers prioritise their users, ensuring that any problems are fixed quickly.

What type of business broadband do I need?

That all depends on the size and scope of your business. Business broadband can go from simple ADSL connections all the way up to 10Gb speeds with complex phone systems to boot.

Broadband for a large office

If you’re getting business broadband for a substantially sized office, you’ll need something hefty to be able to deal with large amounts of internet usage, uploads and video conferencing.

A leased line is probably your best bet. It has ultrafast speeds (1Gb and over), prioritised customer services and high-level security.

Broadband for a small office

As a small business, you could also go for a leased line, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a speedy, reliable internet connection.

Then again, you could go cheaper and still have really good business broadband. As a small office, you’re going to want nothing less than strong fibre-optic broadband (76Mb should do you).

You’ll also want to invest in a reliable phone system, too, especially if all members of staff will have a phone on their desk. You’ll need multiple phone lines or an integrated business phone system.

Broadband for a cafe, restaurant or bar

Having a strong internet connection in your eating or drinking establishment is essential if you’re going to compete on the high street. Customers now expect to be greeted with good Wi-Fi when they buy a coffee or a meal, especially if they’re sitting down to do some work.

As such, you’ll need to have unlimited downloads and broadband speeds that are able to withstand multiple people using the internet at the same time. Even more so if you’re planning on streaming music throughout the day. A strong fibre-optic broadband connection should be the right choice for you.


Can I get business broadband at home?

Yes, you can. If you run your business from home and need fast, reliable and safe internet, then business broadband could be the way for you.

Some people even pay for business broadband for their home when they don’t work from home. They feel that the extra features you get with business broadband are worth it.

That being said, home broadband is normally cheaper. Check out our home broadband deals here

Is business broadband more expensive than residential?

Most of the time, yes. With business broadband, you’re paying for the extra speed and features. The price difference can start becoming really clear if you add a leased line or further special features.

What details do I need to compare business broadbands?

Not much at all really — just the postcode of your business and your landline number if you have one to hand. After we have those, we can show you the best deals and cashback rates from business broadband providers in your area.